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What Does Science Look Like at Stone C of E Combined School?

At Stone, the science curriculum has been specifically adapted for our school. This is done in a number of ways including: teaching the seasons in Year 1 termly to reflect the changes that they see in the world around them and by allowing some science topics further time to be taught by extending the learning across two terms.

Science is taught in a variety of fun and engaging ways paying particular attention to developing children’s scientific thinking and their ability to work scientifically (these include but are not limited to: using observational skills, methods for recording/ analysing and performing experiments).

In science lessons, children encounter a range of different apparatus to plan and conduct their own experiments and are encouraged to develop their vocabulary and questioning skills. These skills are progressive across the year groups and are often built upon year after year in greater complexity.

Science is linked with other areas of the curriculum such as computing and mathematics in order to create and analyse data collected. Forest school plays a key part in our science learning and each year group has the opportunity to attend forest school for a term each academic year. These lessons are tailored to include a range of science and geographical objectives.

For further information about our science curriculum or Forest school please contact Mrs R Hale using the following email address