Love one another as I have loved you’ (John 13: 34-35) helping each other to reach for the stars.

Overview - Intent

We have constructed a curriculum that is ambitious, exciting and engaging. It is designed to give all learners, particularly the disadvantaged and those with special educational needs and/or disabilities the knowledge, skills and cultural capital they need to reach their full potential and become independent, lifelong learners able to succeed in life.

Our curriculum is planned with knowledge and skills progressively building in each strand of each subject, with end goals in mind, to ensure that knowledge and skills build on prior knowledge through the systematic development of steps in learning. Our curriculum also includes opportunity to revisit, review and repeat learning to secure knowledge in long term memory. Our curriculum delivery is underpinned by our three principle; Christian Values, Skills for Life and Five Ways to Wellbeing.

We teach subjects discretely but within a topic-based approach to allow the children to study at a greater depth and to make connections between different areas of learning. Ensuring children know that they are learning a specific subject during topic lessons, enables them to develop a love and interest in subjects such as music, history, science, art and design etc. which engages and motivates the children to want to learn and try out new things.

We use all relevant subjects to develop mathematical fluency and other maths skills to increase confidence in numeracy to ensure success across the curriculum.

Spoken language, reading, writing and vocabulary are an integral part of all subjects across our curriculum. We have an emphasis on teaching children to read and developing a love of books moving children from ‘learning to read’ to ‘reading to learn’ enabling them to be lifelong learners. Our curriculum is planned to enable children to acquire a wide vocabulary across all subjects.

The curriculum is planned with a knowledge of the cultural capital which our children have and we provide wider opportunities and experiences that open the children’s eyes to new possibilities and encourage aspirations. We provide a carefully planned sequence of trips, experiences and wow days from Year R through to Year 6 which enhance learning through most curriculum subjects as well as extra-curricular experiences as the children travel on their journey through Stone school.