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Religious Education

What RE looks like in Stone School and how RE at Stone reflects the Church of England Statement for Entitlement 

As a voluntary controlled schools with a religious character, RE is taught according to the locally agreed syllabus for RE in accordance with the trust deed of the school. 

At Stone we provide an RE curriculum that enables pupils to acquire a rich, deep knowledge and understanding of Christian belief and practice. We follow the Oxford Diocese Scheme of Work and are supplementing this with the high quality resource, Understanding Christianity. We engage pupils with biblical text and theological ideas and challenge them through an exploration of core concepts and questions. We provide meaningful and informed dialogue with a range of religions and worldviews. RE is also enhanced by services, festivals and interactive collective worships that we are fortunate enough to be involved in over the school year.   

RE is a time for children to share their thoughts and feelings on a variety of beliefs and customs as well as to learn more about these as part of the multi-cultural world we live in.  As a Church school,it is important to us to share the Christian faith with the children and we also spend time studying the other major world religions and world views.   RE is taught weekly in a 75 minute lesson. During this time we aim to develop the children’s ability to reflect on their own beliefs and to explore other perspectives on the nature of faith. Pupils also develop an awareness of the range of cultures within Christianity and other faiths at local and global levels.

Our collective worships help to underpin ourChristian vision and values of Community, Perseverance, Honesty, Compassion,Respect and Responsibility which we encourage the children to learn and toreflect on.  

For further information on RE at our school please contact Mrs R Readings using the following email address