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What Does History Look Like at Stone C of E Combined School?

At Stone, our children enjoy a hands-on approach to History, using a range of artefacts and other information sources to investigate the past. Our focus for historical enquiry spans from The Stone Age to The Normans in Years 3 and 4.  In Years 5 and 6 we explore the history of the wider world with our journeys exploring the Ancient Greeks, Mayan civilisations and even the wonders of Ancient Egypt.

We recognise the ability of real-life characters and dramas from the past to interest and motivate children of all ages. We use this opportunity to develop children’s skills in interpreting, evaluating and presenting information.

Our children benefit from visits to historical sites and museums. We also invite a range of visitors to the school, who are able to further enrich our children’s learning through presentations, re-enactments and first hand reports about life in the past.

For further information regarding History, please contact Ms L Lamb using the following email address: