Love one another as I have loved you’ (John 13: 34-35) helping each other to reach for the stars.

Our Governing Board 2021 - 2022

Our Role

Our Governing Board consists of elected parents, Foundation Diocesan Board of Education appointed, Local Authority representatives and school staff. The Governing Board has the responsibility of monitoring all aspects of school standards. This is a strategic role and we operate and make decisions as a group, no one governor has the power to make decisions. 

With the exception of the Headteacher, governors all hold office for aperiod of 4 years.

Alison Foy is the Chair of the Governing Body.  Stuart Corbould chairs the Finance Committeeand Claire Buckingham chairs the School Improvement Committee.

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What is the role of the Governing Board?
In maintained schools the Governing Board has responsibility for raising school standards through three core strategic functions of: 

  • Setting the School’s vision, values and strategic direction;
  • Holding the Headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and it’s pupils;
  • Overseeing the financial performance of the school to ensure its money is well spent;

The governing body strive to be as effective as possible, acting as a 'critical friend', working in a close, supportive way with the Headteacher, senior leadership team and school staff to raise standards in all areas of school life and to promote high standards of education andachievement for all pupils.  

Structure and Responsibilities of Governing Board
All Governors are members of the Full Governing Body and are required to attend termly Full Governing Board meetings.

There are currently 8 Governors with full and equal voting rights.  

In addition, we have a committee structure to undertake our monitoring and evaluation roles. These committees discuss items in depth and make recommendations to the Full Governing Body. 

Membership and terms of reference of committees are determined annually in the autumn term and each committee meets at least once per term. We have 2 main committees:

1. School Improvement Committee - Monitors the School Development Plan,curriculum, quality of teaching and learning, pupil performance data, SEND.

2. Finance Committee – Responsible for setting the school budget and reviewing the school’s financial performance.  The committee also monitors staff performance management, responsibility for pay and other HR matters, Health & Safety and premises and lettings. 

Allcommittee meetings are minuted, circulated to Governors and discussed at Full Governing Body meetings.

The agendas and minutes of all Governing Body meetings are available to read in school.  

All Governors have undertaken an Induction Programme and attend regular further training within the Governor Development Programme to enable us to exercise our duties effectively and keep up to date with changes across all areas of the education provision.  

Meet the Governors- Governor photos & profiles

Meet The Governors

Alison Foy

Role: Chair of Governing Body, Co-opted Governor
Committee(s): School Improvement Committee, Finance Committee,
Health & Safety Committee
Area(s) of Responsibility: Safeguarding, Wellbeing, GDPR

I have actively been involved in the school since September 2012 when my eldest son joined the school. My youngest son started at Stone in September 2017.

I was elected ParentGovernor in 2015 serving a 4 year term.  I am now a Co-opted Governor and as Chair of the Governing Body I ensure the effective functioning of the board and facilitate the governing body to work as a team to challenge, support and contribute to the strategic leadership of the school.

I passionately believe that every child is a unique and special individual and should have the best education possible to enable them to strive to be the best they can be.

As well as my hardest, most important and rewarding job of being a parent, I run my own business and have a strong track record in organisational and performance management and driving and sustaining high performing teams.  

I am incredibly proud to serve on the Governing board to support the school to be the best that we know it can be.

Deborah Morrison

Role: Headteacher
Committee(s): School Improvement, Finance Committee, Health & Safety Committee
I have been Headteacher and on the Governing Body at Stone CE Combined School since September 2015. Prior to joining Stone, I was Deputy Headteacher at St Edward’s Catholic Junior School, Aylesbury where I had many years of experience as a school governor which include chairing governing sub-committees. I have worked for Buckinghamshire Council for 30 years and consider myself fortunate to have had the opportunity to influence and teach so many children.  

I consider it a great privilege and hugely rewarding working with the governors, staff, parents and pupils at Stone School and am committed to continuous improvement to provide the best education and opportunities that I can whilst working with the whole community.

Tracey Hargrave

Role: Teacher Governor

I qualified as a teacher in 2012 after studying at Oxford Brookes University for a BA (Hons) Primary Teacher Education, with a specialism in children’s literature. During this time I also worked as a Teaching Assistant and was bringing up my 2 daughters (who are now 18 and 16). I have worked in several primary schools in Buckinghamshire, starting at Stone in July 2017.  I am the Year 1 teacher and the Subject Leader forArt and Design Technology.

Prior to teaching, I worked as aMarketing Manager in the publishing and consultancy industries.

Outside school, I enjoy travelling,attending music concerts and am currently training for a 10k run. 

Stuart Corbould

Role:     Local Authority Governor, Nominated by the Local Authority
Committee(s): School Improvement Committee, Chair of Finance, Premises and Health & Safety Committee
Area(s) of Responsibility: Health and Safety, Physical Education

I am the Local Authority Governor and have been in post since October 2017. I am keen to make a positive contribution to the school as this plays an important part in the local community.

I am Head of Business Services for a local financial company, in essence this means that I am responsible for the delivery of projects.

My two children and wife keep me occupied in my spare time and I enjoy playing football, watching my favourite football team and running (when I get a chance).

Joy Featherston

Role:   Foundation Governor, Appointed by the Diocese
Committee(s): School Improvement Committee
Area(s) of Responsibility: EYFS, RE, Safeguarding

I am proud to be a Foundation Governor for the school, with interests particularly in the Early Years Foundation Stage (reception class) and RE within the school. I have strong links with the school, living within the Wychert Benefice, and 3 of my 4 children attended the school some years ago. I have been so pleased to now be able to give a little back to school, supporting it to the best of my ability whilst supporting the maintenance of links with the local church community.

I currently work full time for Buckinghamshire Council Early Years within Children’s Services, and in addition I also have my own Childcare Tutoring business, teaching Childminding introductory courses and Safeguarding for nurseries and pre-schools across the County. I am an approved trainer for the Buckinghamshire Safeguarding Children Board and am passionate about supporting the safety and well-being of all children and young people.
Home life is busy, as well as busy jobs outside of the home, 3 sons, a daughter in law and young grandson all live with me and my husband (Nigel) who is also a part-time curate working  voluntarily in this Benefice.

There never seems to be enough time to relax and wind down, but holidays are important, we love seeing friends, getting out and about and walking. We have a busy life but one that is so rewarding.

Laura Ithier

Role:   Parent Governor, elected byparents/carers
Committee(s): School Improvement Committee
Area(s) of Responsibility: Equalities

It is a privilege to be elected as a Parent Governor of the school. Stone School is a genuinely wonderful village school and both of my children enjoy attending. They are following in the footsteps of my husband and his brother who attended the School 30 years ago. The very reason we chose this school, for our children, is because children at Stone School know they are valued and supported, to make a positive difference, in their own way. 

I have several interests including: a love of gardening, baking, writing for a publication and most of all I enjoy creating memories with my family. 

I qualified as a Law Teacher in 2009 and I am a full-time Subject Leader. My highest qualification is a Master of Laws, which I completed whilst pregnant with my son. I enjoy teaching immensely and I genuinely feel it is aprivilege to help students get the qualifications to take the next steps towards their careers. 

I believe that positive attitudes to learning are best formed young and I am looking forward to supporting the School in continuing to create positive learning experiences for children.

Felicity Rave

Role:   Vice Chair of Governors, elected by parents/carers
Committee(s): School Improvement Committee, Finance Committee
Area(s) of Responsibility: Equalities, Inclusion

I was  appointed as Parent Governor at the end of March 2018. I am committed to supporting my fellow Governors in achieving the best for our children and contribute to the continuation of progress in our School. I also want to be able to represent the views of our parents and provide the necessary support to our incredible teaching staff who, day after day, strive to deliver exceptional quality teaching to our children.

I currently work for Buckinghamshire Council as a HR Consultant supporting Buckinghamshire Schools and internal services on the application and interpretation of HR policies. This also includes developing key locations strategies to improve employee retention, up skill and manage workforce productivity and reduce absence.

I am the proud mummy of two very energetic children, one of which currently attends the School. I have a very lively home life and enjoy spending time with my extended family, travelling often to France for a break from the hustle and bustle of life at home and, being a foodie, immerse myself in the gastronomical delights of the country.

Claire Buckingham

Role:   Foundation Governor, Appointed by the Diocese
Committee(s): Chair of School Improvement Committee
Area(s) of Responsibility: Development Governor, Maths

I was appointed as a Foundation Governor of the school in October 2018 following my son joining the reception class. My husband and I found ourselves very excited about this school following our walk around and we could clearly see how passionate the leaders of the school were, not only about each child’s learning but also their wellbeing and social development.  

I have always felt strongly that a child should be encouraged to reach their own full potential and I believe this happens both in school, at home and in the wider community.  I look forward to supporting the school in achieving its goals and developing its children.

I qualified as an accountant in 2008 and I am Head of Finance for a family run retail business.  I am kept extremely busy by my two children and Husband.  We enjoy going for walks, Geocaching, and theme parks. I enjoy a fast roller-coaster as a way to relax!

Jenny Hopcroft

Role: Parent Governor, elected by parents
Committee(s): School Improvement Committee
Area(s) of Responsibility: English and Community Governor

I have been a member of the Stone school community since my eldest daughter started in Reception class back in September 2013. With my other children joining the school in 2017 and 2020.We as a family have always and continue to enjoy being part of the special community spirit that lives at Stone school. Celebrating great events such as Christmas fairs and summer BBQ’s to name just a few.

In 2019, I decided to stand as a parent governor and was successfully elected to the roll. I’ve since taken on the responsibilities for English and Community which I believe allows myself and the school to flourish with a joint sense of responsibility.

Stone school lives and breathes its ethos which run through its staff and is developed with each and every pupil, my eldest child whom has since left for secondary school still carries these values with her which I truly believe to be a testament to the school.

I will constantly work within my role as parent governor to ensure every child is given the opportunity to reach their own potential and strive for excellence.

Delegation of Work

All Governors are members of the Full Governing Board and are required to attend termly Full Governing Board Meetings.

In addition to the termly Full Governing Board Meetings Governors also sit on sub- committees.

School Improvement Committee
This committee meets 3 -6 times per year and looks at curriculum, quality of teaching and learning, recruitment and retention of staff, pupil performance data etc. All Governors are members of this committee.

Finance Committee
The Finance Committee also includes Premises and Health & Safety and meets at least termly. This Committee is responsible for setting the school budget and ensuring good value for money, premises and lettings, termly Health & Safety Inspections.
The minutes of this committee are available to all Governors and recommendations from the Finance Committee are ratified at Full Governing Board Meetings

Personnel Committee
This committee looks at matters relating to staffing, such as the appraisal of staff including the Headteacher’s  performance management.

Disciplinary Committee
This committee is convened only when required for example dealing with pupil exclusion.

All committee meetings are minuted and circulated to Governors.

Governor Visits

It is a requirement that all Governors visit the school during the school day at least once a year. Their visit should be linked to the area they have a responsibility for and linked to the key priorities of the School Development Plan. This affords Governors an opportunity to speak to subject leaders and to see the pupils working and to hear the pupil voice.

Following a visit Governors write a report of their visit and this is circulated to all Governors and discussed at the relevant committee meeting or Full Governing Board Meeting. Reports inform Governors and provides enhanced challenge and support at meetings.

In addition Governors attend Parent’s Evening, information evenings and school functions organised by SSPTA.

Safeguarding of Children

The safeguarding of children is the responsibility of all Governors.  As part of the Governor Induction Programme all Governors are made aware of their role in this area. A nominated Safeguarding Governor meets at least termly with the Headteacher to ensure Safeguarding procedures are followed and to check the Single Central Record (SCR).

In addition the nominated Safeguarding Governor contributes to the Safeguarding Audit and Annual Safeguarding Report. A report from the nominated Safeguarding Governor is a standing item on the Full Governing Body Agenda.

The safeguarding of children underpins all aspects of supporting pupils in our community.