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Stone Church of England Combined School serves the village of Stone and surrounding area, including Upton and Hartwell. Children are admitted to Stone CE Combined School in accordance with the Buckinghamshire County Council Admissions Criteria. Parents applying for a place should read the relevant sections of the Education Department’s booklet Guide for Parents – Admissions to Buckinghamshire Primary Schools for the appropriate year.

Applications for school places are made directly through the Buckinghamshire County Council Website -

Your child will begin a full time place in school, in the September of the year in which they will have their fifth birthday.

Please note that all children transferring from infant to junior or combined schools take part in an induction programme early in July so that they can meet the other children in their class, work with their teacher and become familiar with their new environment, spending the day at their new school.
Stone C of E School is a Voluntary Controlled School. The admissions policy can be found at:


Places are allocated strictly in the following order of priority:

  • Children who have a statement of special educational needs which names the school.
  • Children in Public Care.
  • Children living within the catchment area of the school.
  • Siblings of children who will be in attendance at the school on the date of admission.
  • Children with exceptional medical or social needs, supported by written evidence from a relevant authority.
  • Children attending a primary school linked to the school named in the list of ‘linked primary schools’.
  • Once the above criteria have been applied, then any further places will be awarded according to the distance between the family’s home address and the school’s nearest gate.

The school’s admission number is 30 and the capacity is 210.

The Governors are pleased to admit children from outside the catchment area indicated above when numbers allow.