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Severe Weather


During the winter months there are sometimes periods of very bad weather which can make it difficult to keep the school open. If we need to close the school due to adverse weather conditions the following procedures will be used to inform parents/carers.

We will always endeavour to stay open. However, for the safety of the children, we can only do so if sufficient staff can get in to school and if the school site is safe. In the event that the school has to close, the information will be posted on the County Council School Closures website here.

To find out if we are closed, click on school (on the left handside under education), then school closures.

We will also message you via ParentMail if the school is closed. With these methods of communication in place, there should be no need for you to telephone the school asking whether we will be open or closed.

It is possible that during adverse weather conditions our hot meal provider will not be able to deliver meals to Stone School. If we remain open during adverse weather, but the provider cannot deliver, there will be no hot meals and all children will need packed lunches. We will ParentMail to let parents/carers know if we are open but there are no lunches. Should the school open but need to close earlier than 3.15pm, we will contact you via ParentMail, email or telephone.

Please be assured that school closure will always be a last resort. It is entirely the responsibility of the parent/carer to decide whether it is safe to travel to and from school in inclement weather and we respect the choices you make. As usual please inform the school by telephone, by email or in writing if your child will be absent from school.