Love one another as I have loved you’ (John 13: 34-35) helping each other to reach for the stars.


At Stone Church of England Combined School, we teach and encourage skills that will be useful throughout the children’s lives. These transferable skills are the 5 Rs: Responsibility, Reflectiveness, Resourcefulness, Resilience and Readiness. Challenge is built into the curriculum reflecting ou rChristian vision:

‘Love one another as I have loved you…’ (John 13: 34-35) helping each other to reach for the stars.

We are proud of our 'Skills for Life' curriculum which is packed with creative, inspirational, meaningful learning opportunities. You will find the Intent, Implementation and Impact of our curriculum below.

Our Topic based approach organises units of work around a half termly theme. This enables children to see ‘the big picture’ of their learning and make connections through and across different subjects. Teaching and learning is based on the2014 National Curriculum and firmly rooted upon a set of skills that are progressive. To add the wow factor to these topics we have built in a ‘Wow day’ into each half-termly topic. Each ‘Wow day’ is a trip, hands-on experience or really exciting visit/visitor that will ignite the children’s desire to learn and bring our learning to life. Educational visits and learning experiences have been carefully mapped to ensure pupils are gaining wider opportunities across all subjects.

On each class page you will find the long term Curriculum plan for the year as well as half termly Topic overviews that will provide more detail as to which objectives will be covered in each half term.

Each subject page will tell you which teacher is responsible for that subject as well as the intent, implementation and impact for the subject. If you would like any further information about the curriculum please email: for the attention of the appropriate subject leader.

Our Curriculum

Intent – At Stone CE Combined School, we intend for the curriculum to:
· Ensure that every child reaches their full potential and become independent, lifelong learners.
·Develop children to be positive, communicative, active members of the community that care for, help and respect others.
·Teach the skills and knowledge that children need to acquire to be independent life-long learners.
·Support children to develop the skills and understanding to be mentally healthy and to be able to look after their own well-being
·Provide a progressive curriculum so that children are building on and making links with previous learning
· Teach children to learn to read and develop a love of books, moving from ‘learning to read’ to ‘reading to learn’ enabling them to be lifelong learners
· Acquire a wide vocabulary
· Be designed to give all learners, particularly the disadvantaged and those with special educational needs and/or disabilities the knowledge and cultural capital they need to succeed in life.
· Be exciting and engaging

Implementation- At Stone CE Combined School, we implement our curriculum by:
· Using our vision to encouraging children to set themselves target for now and for the future so that each child has future aspirations and is reaching for their own star.
· Using the school values to unpin all aspects of the children’s life and learning developing them to be positive, active members of their community
· Teaching the ‘5 Rs’: Responsibility; Readiness, Resourcefulness, Resilience and Reflectiveness
· Teaching children how to look after their mental and physical health and well-being using ‘Five ways to Wellbeing’ so that they are happy, healthy, resilient and successful.
· Providing teachers with progression documents for each subject to ensure that knowledge and skills are introduced at specific stages, building on prior learning.
· Teaching reading as a priority across the curriculum from EYFS, encouraging children to read broadly and by carefully selecting texts and resources to inspire, engage, challenge and promote discussion.
· Developing vocabulary by reading to children in a way that excites and engages them and by introducing, teaching and using subject-specific and technical vocabulary across the curriculum.
· Ensuring all children have access to all learning and experiences and by meeting the needs of all pupils by providing appropriate support, differentiation, interventions and mastery / greater depth opportunities
· Providing a topic-based approach and by teaching explicit subjects so that children develop a love and interest in subjects such as music, history, science, art and design etc. which engages and motivates the children to want to learn and try out new things.
· Providing a carefully planned sequence of trips, experiences and wow days from Year R through to Year 6 which enhance learning through most curriculum subjects as well as extra-curricular experiences as the children travel on their journey through Stone school.
· Designing our curriculum to allow key knowledge and skills to be revisited and integrated with new learning and by using a range of strategies which allow children to practice and embed learning into the long-term memory.
· Teaching to the top and by checking understanding systematically, identifying misconceptions and providing direct feedback using a ‘Keep Up’ not ‘Catch up’ approach.

Impact– The impact of the curriculum at Stone CE Combined School is:
· That all children are engaged in learning and know more, remember more and understand more.
· That children develop the skills that will allow them to be effective, resilient andresponsible life-long learners.
· That children live the school values and develop into caring, respectfuland active members of the community.
· That children are mentally healthy and able to look after their own mental health and well-being.
· That pupils read widely, have a good vocabulary and develop a loveof books; they are able to use reading to support their learning across thecurriculum. · That children’s work across the curriculum is of good quality evidenced in books.