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Art & DT

What Does Art and Design Look Like at Stone C of E Combined School?

At Stone C of E Combined School, we work towards making our art curriculum relevant and interesting, linking it to our topics wherever possible. We ensure that we cover a wide variety of skills, including: clay modelling, painting and sketching.

By studying a range of artists we hope to inspire our pupils and encourage them to open their minds to the broad spectrum of skills and techniques which art covers. To tie in with our focus on ‘Growth Mindset’, we want our children to appreciate that art comes in many different styles and is a form of expression. It is a completely individual and unique experience for each child.  

If you would like any further information relating to the Art and Design curriculum, please contact Mrs J Gray using the following email address:

What Does Design and Technology Look Like at Stone C of E Combined School?

At Stone, Design and Technology is part of our cross-curricular approach to learning to ensure that learning is relevant and meaningful. We make certain that the children are accessing a wide range of skills, including: food technology, textiles, woodwork and understanding electricity.

Through our teaching of these key topics, we want to give our children the opportunities to apply their learnt skills independently outside of school. Food technology gives the children a valuable life skill, not only in understanding the basics of cookery, but also having an awareness of the importance of healthy eating and a varied diet.

We encourage creativity and innovation as well as problem solving and self-evaluation. We believe that Design and Technology allows the children to see the value in testing out ideas, finding solutions to issues and reflecting at each stage of design and production. These are all valuable, growth mindset skills which can be transferred to other subjects and out of school activities.  

If you would like any further information relating to the Design and Technology curriculum, please contact Mrs R Hale using the following email address: