Stone Church pf England Combined School

'Love one another as I have loved you' (John 13:34-35) Helping each other to reach for the stars


At Stone Church of England Combined School, we expect children to be at school on time everyday!

We have the responsibility to proactively manage and improve attendance across our school and we believe it is everybody's responsibility. 

Attending school every day forms a crucial aspect of your child's academic progress and overall wellbeing. Numerous studies indicate that consistent school attendance plays a pivotal role in enhancing children and young people's educational achievements and future job prospects.  

What do we do at Stone School to promote attendance? 

  • An exciting and engaging curriculum so children do not want to miss school
  • Strong relationships with our parents and families 
  • Members of staff on the playground to greet children each morning
  • Rigorous and comprehensive attendance policy
  • Regular monitoring of attendance
  • Support meetings for families whose attendance has dropped
  • Attendance Ted - visits the class with the best attendance each week
  • School attendance display so all children can see their weekly class attendance

Can I apply for leave of absence for my child?

  • Parents must complete a leave of absence request if your child is not going to be at school
  • Most leave of absence requests will be rejected unless it is for exceptional circumstances
  • For more information - please read our attendance policy.

Is my child well enough to attend school?

  • At Stone, we encourage a proactive attendance approach, it is essential for parents and carers to be prudent when determining if their child is well enough to attend school.
  • Generally, students can come to school with mild respiratory symptoms such as a minor cough, runny nose, or sore throat. However, it is advisable to keep your child at home if they have a high temperature of 38°C or above.
  • For further guidance on assessing your child's fitness for school attendance, including details on managing various illnesses like chickenpox, head lice, and sore throats, please refer to the NHS website through the following link: NHS Website
  • Parents must call the school office everyday to notify the school of their child's absence. Not hearing from a family regarding an absence is seen as a safeguarding concern. The school will make every attempt to make contact with parents to check on the child's wellbeing in line with our attendance and safeguarding policies.