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SENDCo (ID 1133)

Miss Anderson works closely with teachers, parents and external agencies to identify and support children with SEND, ensuring that their individual needs are met. She plays a key role in coordinating intervention strategies, SEND Support Plans and monitoring progress to provide tailored support for each child.

As parents, your involvement is crucial in supporting the work of our SENDCo. If you have any concerns about your child's academic progress, behaviour or emotional well-being, please do not hesitate to reach out to Miss Anderson. 

Buckinghamshire Council Local Offer can be found here

SEND Policies 

All pupils at Stone School receive an inclusive education. Whatever a child’s ability, they have an entitlement to be educated in a mainstream school whether or not they have SEND. A copy of the school’s Special Educational Needs Policies can be found here on our policies page.

SEND Complaints Procedure

We believe that Stone Church of England Combined School continuously aspires to deliver outstanding education for all of our children regardless of any SEND or disability. We work very hard to build positive relationships with all involved in our school community. However, the School is obliged to have procedures in place in case there are complaints about the support provided for a child who has Special Educational Needs or Disabilities.

If you have a concern about the support your child is receiving in school, we strongly encourage you to make an appointment with your child’s class teacher to discuss this. If you feel your concern has not been resolved following this discussion, please make an appointment with the SENDCo, who will endeavour to support you. If you  feel your concern is still unresolved following this appointment, please request an appointment with the Deputy Headteacher. If you continue to feel that your concern remains unresolved, despite discussing it with these staff members, please request an appointment with the Headteacher.

If, after liaison with the school, you still feel dissatisfied with the support your child is receiving you may choose to make a formal complaint.

If you would like to make a complaint we would refer you to our school Complaints Policy which outlines the complaints process. You will find the Complaints Policy in the  Policy section of the school website or you can request a copy from the school office. 

The school will aim to support you with any concerns you may have but you may also wish to contact Buckinghamshire Special Educational Needs and Disability Information, Advice and Support (SENDDIAS) Service.
Telephone: 01296 383754

Identifying SEND at Stone 

At Stone School, teachers and parents work in collaboration to support all children to make the progress of which they are capable. If either the class teacher or you as a parent/carer are concerned that your child is struggling academically, socially and emotionally or has a special educational need (SEND), please see below for the process that may be followed: 

stone send guide for parents.pdf

 Other useful links


Bucks link to Education and SEND

BBC - Activities, advice and personal stories about parenting and special educational needs and disabilities to help you support your family.

Speech and Langauge

ChatterPack’ is a voluntary community project, which offers free support for schools, parents and children with SEND. They have a wide range of resources including free websites, a monthly newsletter and lots of resources to support a wide range of Special Educational Needs.


Cognition and Learning

The following guides have been written by Twinkl for parents/carers across the UK/world. Some of the information/assessment processes may not be applicable for children living in Bucks. If you have any questions please speak to our SENDCo.