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What Does English Look Like at Stone C of E Combined School?

Through the teaching of English at Stone C of E School we aim to provide children with the opportunity to talk, listen, read, write and develop confidence with using language to communicate their ideas and express themselves creatively and imaginatively across all areas of the National Curriculum.

Spoken Language

Speaking and listening is at the heart of language development at Stone. It provides not only a foundation for reading and writing but also essential skills for thinking and communication. Research shows that exposing children to an increasingly wide range of texts, with an appropriate level of challenge develops language capability and this is what we aim to do through our text-based curriculum which places high-quality literature at the heart of our learning. 

At Stone, we aim to develop the pupils’ vocabulary by exposing them to a rich language environment with opportunities to hear and confidently experiment with new words as well as explicitly teaching of new vocabulary.


Purpose and audience are central to effective writing. Learners need to have a reason to write and someone to write for. At Stone C of E School we provide children with the opportunity to write for a variety of purposes and different audiences. We use a range of high-quality texts to inspire writing and make meaningful cross-curricular links in order to allow the children the chance to enjoy writing across the curriculum.

The children write in response to a wide range of stimuli, including stories, plays and poems, film clips, personal interests, experiences and activities in the classroom. The teaching of grammar and punctuation is linked to written work in order to allow children the opportunity to apply their learning to their writing. We aim to make writing real and purposeful and encourage children to work on editing and improving their drafting skills and use of grammar, punctuation and spelling.

For further information regarding English, please contact Mrs T Stewart (KS2) or Mrs C Fell (KS1) using the following email address: