The School

Our Vision Statement is for all members of our school community:

Through our Christian values we inspire a love of learning, a desire to create and the courage to innovate: preparing children for an ever changing world.

We communicate God’s message of love by living the following Values:

Our Distinctiveness

Skills for Life

We are a ‘skills for life’ school
We are passionate about our ‘Skills for Life’ approach. It underpins everything we do and supports our Vision Statement and School Values. Our ‘Skills for Life’ approach is evident in every classroom, in the playground and in all aspects of school life preparing children for life beyond Stone school. It is a foundation for our curriculum and provides pupils with the skills they will need to be lifelong learners.

Our Curriculum

Our exciting curriculum is packed with inspirational, meaningful learning opportunities.
Our Topic based curriculum organises units of work around a theme. This enables children to see ‘the big picture’ of their learning and make connections through and across different subjects. Children talk about a theme from multiple perspectives and get excited about their learning. Our curriculum encourages collaborative and practical learning both in and out of the classroom. Children can be seen using role play and learning from each other. Each class attends Forest School to enhance their outdoor learning.

Singapore Maths

We are leading the introduction of Singapore maths in Bucks
We introduced the Singapore Maths approach to the teaching of maths in September 2015. Our skilled teachers teach exciting, stimulating and practical lessons enabling all children to make progress. Parent workshops have given parents/carers a greater understanding of the approach and have provided them with the skills required to support their children’s maths learning.

History to Present Day

School Building

The original school buildings, dating from 1871, are still in everyday use but most of the school dates from 1973 when a major programme of building work provided a hall, new classrooms, library, changing rooms, offices and an extended playground. The school has computer suite, surfaces and interactive whiteboards and visualisers are used in all classes.The school is fortunate to have extensive outside areas which enhance the children’s learning and enjoyment. These include an exciting outdoor learning area for EYFS, a school playground, school field and a beautiful Peace Garden.